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Living in the United States of America, some say the Nigger States of America, my German ancestors would be appalled at what has.

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Adolf Hitler at the International Auto Exhibition in Berlin in 1939


Adolf Hitler speaking at cornerstone laying, Münich-Salzburg autobahn during the Austrian election campaign

From a photo from Eva Braun’s 1935 album. This photo has to be one of the all-time perfect photos of Hitler’s hair. His expression here is very relaxed and un-posed. Generally he really only looked.

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Rare photo in white uniform

May, Adolph Hitler wearing his famous and much-beloved summer white uniform Doesn't shield us from the hate that radiates from this evil face

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Heinrich Himmler during an Inspection of the Dachau Concentration Camp (March 1938)

Heinrich Himmler during an Inspection of the Dachau Concentration Camp (March