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Dan the dragon<<you mean the Dangon. (You know, like Philgon in Punk Edits IRL)

(You know, like Philgon in Punk Edits IRL)<<<Guys he’s obviously a flying dinosaur


He had to reject 'baguette' and 'Lafayette' because it would be "too easy," but when faced with rhyming 'son' he literally chose 'Sun.

There is no excuse for this madness. Except for the fact that we're all - well - mad.<---after three weeks we are back in hiatus so the madness can commence

I'm Only Back Yeah!

Who ever found this gif.bless you child, bless you! Martin Freeman looks silly <<<< no sh*t I mean he's a hedgehog for gods' sake! <<<<< I'm dying this is the best gif ever discovered!