Une belle harmonie colorée fraîche et estivale. Adrian and Gidi — "Personal Work" — on Art & Motion

Le très coloré set design d’Adrian & Gidi

“Still Life“, a beautiful series of conceptual still lifes designed by Adrian & Gidi (Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen), a duo of Dutch artists and photographers based in Amsterdam

Golden lemons. #food #lemon #gold

Color Morphology, photo shoot of hand colored fruits for a small installation project. The color of the guilt is changed but still echoed in the surrounding space !

Festa Di Luce | METZ + RACINE

Large colourful forms and washes of lighting provide a warm and vibrant environment.

Hervé Sauvage

Metz+Racine still life photographers and directors duo represented worldwide by D+V for stills and Wacko Premiere Heure for moving images.


still life photographers Metz + Racine’s saucy homage to London’s newest hotspot, La Bodega Negra

Hermès petit h - Crystal bowl #hermes #petith

What’s old is new again with Hermes’ Petit h line, a métier of upcycled goods making an appearance on the West Coast, Crystal Bowl Five Feet.

The photographic duo of Metz+Racine, aka Barbara Metz and Eve Racine bring to life the contemporary version of every child’s fantasy: the secret life of inanimate objects.

Trendland introduced us to the work of photography duo Metz + Racine, whose editorial above was published in the Italian design magazine Casa da Abitare this summer

Hermès petit h - “Squelette” bag by Gustavo Lins. #hermes #petith

Meanwhile, at the Petit h Workshop, episode Food for thought. Learn how Petit h items are created, from design to sales.