Klemens Schillinger - Oneline

Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger, currently based in London, has produced Oneline – a lightweight clothes rail with beautiful simplicity.


INSTALLATION >>> Aesop chez Merci par March Studio

Bakery In Oporto by Paulo Merlini Architects

Bakery In Oporto / Paulo Merlini

Photographer João Morgado has sent us images of a recently completed bakery, designed by Paulo Merlini Arquitectura and located in Gondomar, Portugal.

Amazing Wine Retailer Store

Mistral Wine & Champagne Bar by Studio Arthur Casas, São Paulo, Brazil

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Zmianatematu / Xm3

The timber stalactites of an undulating cave-like ceiling bear down around the bar of a coffee shop on Piotrkowska in Łódź, Poland. Light bulbs dangle from between the curved plywood ribs of the Zmianatematu cafe, which was designed by Polish architects

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