peinture + sac plastique + coton tige = activité super facile

Fun learning idea (paint or hair gel in a bag is good for drawing and practicing letters). Great idea for clean freak moms! Maybe a different way to practice spelling words!

Felt Board ideas

Great felt busy bag ideas- Who needs a full on quiet book when you can have these cute felt games. There are 11 individual games.

Baby sensory bag: Freezer ziplock bag, some hair gel, duct tape, and a few things to put in the bag-a few buttons, some beads, silly bands, and a couple of flat marbles

Sensory Bag for Baby

Sensory Bag for Baby - Plain Vanilla Mom. Zip-top bag(s), hair gel, toys like rubber frogs and Silly Bandz, duct tape. (And supervision).

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

How to create a tube wall for hours of kid play!

{Tube Play} How we transformed PVC pipes into a "fall" wall.

Science for Kids: Teach balance with a hanger!

Science for Kids: Make a Balance

Sviluppo abilità motorie - Put bolts through holes and twist nut on other side - great for fine motor skills!

Some Handy Hardware Work Tasks and Fall Sale

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