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No. 5 — Suspenders Girl

Suspenders Girl Here's a handy styling trick to try with suspenders: Instead of wearing them the traditional way, have them drape diagonally across the body. Photo: YoungJun Koo/I'M KOO (Try Clothes Street Styles)

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paris fashion week street style

paris fashion week street style - Elements that can be copied: Olive Skirt with pink clutch and tan sweater and pearls, or the black and white sweater and black flare skirt with panama hat

Visions of the Future // Ph: Szymon Brzóska Street Style during Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 before Rick Owens

Tokyo street style

blackout and witch stylish fashionista take on a halloween outfit that you could actually wear everyday as it fits in neatly with edgy layered en trend looks quirky cute outfit

neutral knit, sweatpants & sneakers Love the oh so casual look when it's made of fabulously expensive materials and just the right cut. Would lounge in this all day.