I have never loved anyone as much as I love you and will never love anyone as much as I love you. Forever and always 24/7 365

an when i love you, i realized, i have never truly loved anyone. i realized i never will truly love anyone the way i love you


Always be my favorite thought! I will always miss you. I will always think of what might have been if you were here with me.

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No matter what my husband is always worth the risk. We will always work through it and never give up on each other.

4 ans d'amour | De petits maux en petits mots

4 ans d’amour

traduction :"I don't know where my way is, but I walk better when my hand holds yours.

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Le Rhin Excuse my grade translation abilities "I am nothing, I know it, but I make up my nothing with a little bit of everything.

Écoute ton cœur

❤Laudace …it’s impossible, says pride…it’s risky, says experience…it’s a dead end, says reason…try, murmurs the heart…


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"Les folies sont les seules choses que l'on ne regrette jamais" Oscar Wilde