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Rin Okumura

ao_no_exorcist black_hair blouse blue_eyes blue_fire fire flame frown glowing glowing_eyes looking_at_viewer male_focus matsunaka_hiro necktie okumura_rin short_hair solo water wet

Mononoke Hime by cliven.z

Ahh anothe Ghibli movie ^^ I had a lot of fun sketching her but I've never watched the movie before. Is it a good recommendation? to artist (I don't know who it is, sorry)

Avada Kedavra Mais quelle phrase magique Avada Kedavra Quel sort fantastique Ces mots signifient que tu perdras ta vie sans aucun souci Faute à Vody Avada Kedavra | Saviez-vous que ?

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Sakura kinomoto (creo que así se escribía)

Sakura kinomoto (creo que así se escribía)