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Dame-blouse fleur fée Vintage d’impression, c.1927 Cicely Mary Barker livre plaque Illustration

Lady’s-Smock Flower Fairy Vintage Print, Cicely Mary Barker – The Flower Fairy Lady’s-Smock Flower Fairy Vintage Print by Cicely Mary Barker printed – The Lady’s-Smock Flower Fairy is one of Cicely Barkers Spring Flower Fairies.

Usando el Amor y la Geometría Sagrada, usted puede activar un campo de energía merkaba de Luz alrededor de su Cuerpo.

Art by Joma Sipe. The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time.