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a modern kitchen with black cabinets and white flooring is seen in this image from the dining room
Ak_Project Système complet Design et fonctionnalité ont amené à un nouvel objectif de conception. Différentes solutions esthétiques et fonctionnelles sont coordonnées dans une collection unique […] Cet article Ak_Project est apparu en premier sur AB Interior.
wine glasses are lined up on the counter
ak05 tailormade
an empty table and chairs in a room with shelves on the wall next to it
AK_Project. Project solutions for kitchens that are not only kitchens. #Arrital #Ak_project #Design #ArritalKitchens #kitchens
a kitchen with stainless steel cabinets and black counter tops is shown in this modern photo
La praticità delle colonne con ante rientranti, agevola l’attività in cucina durante le fasi di preparazione del cibo, permettendo di mantenere una puliza estetica una volta chiuse tutte le ante. The practicality of tall units with pocket doors makes life easier in the kitchen while preparing food, making it possible to maintain a clean look once all the doors are closed. #Ak_05Tailormade #Arrital #ArritalKitchens #Kitchens
a large kitchen with marble counter tops and black cabinets, along with an island in the middle
Le particolari spigolature a 30° del bancone majestic creano linee estetiche pulite e di raffinata eleganze enfatizzate dall’utilizzo di essenze pregiate. Disponibile nelle versioni a sbalzo o con gambone. The unique 30° sloped edges on the Majestic bench create a clean, refined and elegant look, emphasised by the use of precious essences. Also available in overhang versions or with large leg. #Arrital #ArritalKitchens #Design #Kitchens