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a restaurant sign that says container cafe with forks and spoons on the front window
Create a branding package for a converted shipping container cafe | Logo & brand identity pack contest
a large building with stairs leading up to it's second floor and another structure on the other side
Shipping Container Shops
a yellow building with stairs leading up to it and people sitting at tables in the background
12 Things to remember when designing spaces for children - RTF | Rethinking The Future
two pictures side by side of a red shipping container and the inside of a store
Sustainable Store Style: 12 Incredible Retail Interiors
a man standing on top of a blue shipping container
BIG's urban rigger uses shipping containers to offer floating student housing
an orange shipping container sitting on top of a gravel ground next to trees and buildings
Seoul Youth Zone Shipping Container Building, South Korea
the exterior of a coffee shop with red shipping containers
Wee Birdy in New Zealand: Re:Start - Wee Birdy
a couple of buildings that are sitting in the dirt with tables and chairs around them
These Wooden Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Are Made of Eco-Friendly Shipping Containers
the inside and outside of a house made out of shipping containers is shown in three different views
Maisons containter : avantages et inconvénients
a building made out of shipping containers with a bicycle on the front and an all ride cafe sign above it
All ride café à Bangkok
All ride café à Bangkok