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I'm an extremely loving and forgiving person. But if you degrade me (especially when I'm giving my all) I wont fuck with you anymore. CAUSE I DONT FUCK WITH YOUUUU (;

I love making you hard and I love when you make me wet. ❤ Turning your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife on has got to be one of the most exciting things you can do. When you turn him on and when you make him hard. And when he turns you on and makes you wet.. ❤ Kinky Quotes ❤ #turnon #sexy #couplequote #kinkyquotes

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The first step to having what you want is to have the courage to leave what you do not want anymore.

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Jacques Brel:

"Life is not serious, it does not matter. It's an adventure, it's almost a game We must escape the gravity of fools"— Jacques Brel

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