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Winter Badger linocut
two blue fish are on a piece of paper next to some wood shavings
Linolschnitt - Sardinen - Design-Magazin
Atemberaubende Sardinen Linolschnitt | Etsy
a person holding up a piece of paper with a drawing of a coffee cup on it
Linocut coffee cup
a stamp with coffee related items on it next to some rubber stamps that say date
Stamp | Mug
Details Motif size: ca. 13 x 14 mm Material: varnished beech with motif sticker, the rubber stamp is mounted on a cushioning layer of foam.
a card with an image of a coffee maker on it
Espressokanne Kaffee Linoldruck DIN A5 -
Espressokanne Kaffee Linoldruck DIN A5 -
some art supplies are laying out on a wooden tray next to paint rollers and scissors
onion in my soul
onion in my soul on Behance
DIY | Stamp | Papaye | Linogravure | Estampillage | Linocut | Linoprint Papaya
DIY Stamp - Papaye
a rubber stamp with three fish on it sitting on top of an open page of a book
Carpes - Verde
Ex-libris Carpes Dimensions : 7 x 5 cm Dans mes différentes collections d'ex-libris précédentes, j'ai toujours conçu un ou plusieurs modèles inspirés d'estampes japonaises. Le japonisme m'a toujours attiré ; observer comment l'art japonais a marqué l'art occidental est extrêmement captivant. Je n'ai donc pas pu m'empêcher de créer un exlibris aux influences japonaises. Cette fois-ci, j'ai décidé de me concentrer sur un élément décoratif : la bannière de carpes, qui les représente en mouvement. Dans cet exlibris, chaque carpe est unique et, ensemble, elles forment une scène dynamique et captivante. J'espère que ce timbre ornera les bibliothèques où convergent les influences de l'Occident et de l'Orient, créant ainsi un espace où les deux cultures s'entremêlent harmonieusement. Un ex-libris
a red and white print on wood with pots
In the Kitchen Linocut, Quimper - Etsy UK
In the Kitchen Linocut Quimper - Etsy UK
a black and white print with fruit on it
Bear Fruit Block Print | Art Print
"\"Bear Fruit\" is a 5x7in block print reproduction printed on a deckled edge cream paper (250gsm). The print is signed on the back and comes unframed. I originally created this block print by carving out the image by hand. I rolled a velvet black ink on its surface and pressed the cotton paper against the block to imprint the image. I titled this print, \"Bear Fruit\" after Psalm 92:12-15 where it says, The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. They are pl
four cards with fruit and vegetables on them are displayed next to a potted plant
Fruit Art Print Set- Strawberry, Berries, Lemon, Orange
Fruit Series-Complete Set This is a complete set of my four fruit prints. All are digital copies of multi-colored relief prints carved out of linoleum. This set makes a great addition to any kitchen or living room and brightens up the room. This would be an amazing gift for any food enthusiast, or a friend or family member who is looking to decorate their space. Each print is 6x6 inches, and come without a frame. They are printed on premium matte, acid free paper for a long lasting piece of artw
a blue and white paper cut out to look like the moon with two faces on it
Crescent Moon Tile Rubber Stamp, Twin Moon & Star Stamp, Hand Carved Stamp - Etsy
crescent moon stamp | moon and star stamp | tile design hand carved stamp for diy birthday, summer crafts, card making, block printing