Les architectes polonais de l’agence Cuns studio sont intervenus pour réaliser la transformation de vieux greniers en un magnifique loft dans la ville de P

Appartement à Poznan par Cuns studio

Parcours de jeu dans la maison

Maison d'architecte : 6 réalisations à visiter en région parisienne

This would be a perfect addition to the playroom loft I want to build!

This will be suspended over the open upper section. we can chill & friend stay over

32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

Hammock bed - this gave me an idea. wouldnt it be fun (if i was rich) to have a huge kids playroom with a built in indoor trampoline for the kids to jump! (kinda like where this hammock is- floor level- but tramp! I want this one day :)

Un’amaca sospesa fra le scale

Hammock resting place over an open stair. alas my subconscious would be screaming "YOURE GONNA FALL!

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