Des boutons sont cachés dans du maïs

sorting Button and Popcorn Seed Sensory Tub . the children really loved this activity.

Motricité fine: les différentes sortes de ceintures...

Need to make a page like this for sure! he is obsessed with buckles like the one on the bottom The Colby Coalition: Amaia’s Busy Book

Sensory balloons. Match the balloon to the picture on the card, just by using the sense of touch. I supplied samples of the contents in little cups as well.

Sensory balloons - match the balloon to the picture on the card,Qué buena idea!

Atelier individuel autonome: Les cadenas: délivrer les princesses.

Could use letters, shapes, match & open with numerous keys and locks.

Practicing buttons in November. Cute!

A description of the Practical Life area of the Montessori environment. Some of the materials therein are shown through pictures and tells the purpose behind the exercises.

Jeu du Père Noël à imprimer

Make brushing fun with our brushing charts, games, & certificates. Our monthly games help your child develop a morning and evening brushing routine.

Steiner-waldorf : les jeux et jouets

Steiner-waldorf : les jeux et jouets