Комфортер. Первая игрушка малыша..

Мягкая игрушка

Recently joined a cool motorcycle club and want to sew a patch on your leather jacket? Read on to find out how you can easily sew a patch onto a leather jacket. Sewing with leather does not differ much from that of.

Yertle the Turtle- BLUE or PINK -Crinkle Crackle Sensory toy. $20,00, via Etsy.

Yertle the Turtle sewing-projects-for-babies.crinkle toy for infants, great idea


Recycled, Another inspiration for a DIY // Dix petits doudous…

Doudou plat avec attache tut'

This looks like it would be super easy to make for shortstuff! Leftover batting, some fabric

doudou lapin

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