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two hearts with the word italia painted on them in red, green and white paint
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Italy Heart Flag Watercolor Art
a drawing of a man with a gas mask on and speech bubble above his head
Jafaris Mustafa on Twitter
Jafaris Mustafa on Twitter: "Be Safe #coronavirus #ChineseNewYear2020… "
a woman wearing a face mask while talking on her cell phone with a speech bubble above her head
Pakai Baung on Twitter
Pakai Baung on Twitter: "Be Safe #coronavírus #corvid19 #protectivestyles… "
a painting of a person wearing a face mask in front of a screamy background
Michael de Adder on Twitter
Michael de Adder on Twitter: "Old cartoon from 2003. #coronavirusWHO #Corvid19… "
a heart shaped flag with the shape of italy in red, green and white colors