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Glamorous Gel Nails Designs 2018 #nailart

Glamorous Gel Nails Designs 2018 #nailart

BrainSpew the 42nd by Altalamatox on deviantART

Originally Posted: June 2009 ----- Buncha stuff drawn up whilst on vacation last week, much of it in the car. I've found that I can draw in the car . BrainSpew the

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What colors brings out my eyes better? Have you ever wondered just exactly what colors brings out your eyes most? It depends on what color your eyes are. For instance, my eyes are brown, so the col.

Feather tattoo

My first tattoo done by Mac at Hero Tattoo in Conway, SC, US. He did such a good job! That whole shop is amazing. I’ve always loved feathers and it relates to my Native American heritage.