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a red chair sitting on top of a brick floor in a dark room with spotlights
Fauteuil Rouge
Rendu 3D réalisé par Thibault Vuillemey sur SketchUp avec V-Ray. Rendez-vous sur notre site pour plus d'informations sur SketchUp.
an office with glass walls and chairs in the center, while people sit at their desks
Etsy Offices - New York City | Office Snapshots
Etsy Offices - New York City - Office Snapshots
a room filled with lots of furniture and lights
Gallery of Hotel Dua / Koan Design - 18
Hotel Dua / Koan Design
a dimly lit bar with leather couches and tables
Steampunk Interior Design Ideas: From Cool to Crazy
This Steampunk designed lounge marries the warmth in the wood & leather tones with the cool steel & copper touches.
a dimly lit room with chandelier and couches in front of the bar
Not the chandelier but otherwise yeah....Restaurant interior & design - all that's missing is oil candles :)
four different views of the city at night
Bangkok - ZENSE Gourmet Deck & Lounge Panorama - By The Rebirth / Department of Architecture
a living room filled with lots of furniture and framed pictures on the wall above it
Cigar lounges/bars around the world
You're not alone. Others share your addiction to delicious stilettos & beautiful cigars! Follow us: http://on.fb.me/14xodPB