Adélaïde de Beaurepaire

Adélaïde de Beaurepaire

Adélaïde de Beaurepaire
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For Slovakian textile lover Terézia Krnáčová, thread is as important as air or food. To honor this obsession, she created Everyday Bread, a simple project in which she elaborately stitches and weaves thread into slices of bread.

My concept is expression of my personal relationship with textil. I love textil art and I can‘t live a day without it. I made a composition of seven, as there are days in week, dry slides of bread, six of them processing by textil techniques and the seven

La nébuleuse du CrabeLa nébuleuse du Crabe doit son apparence déchiquetée à l’explosion d’une étoile qui a dégagé une incommensurable quantité de lumière. Ce phénomène de supernova aurait été observé par des astronomes chinois en 1054, avant que l’intensité lumineuse de l’explosion ne faiblisse et ne soit plus observable à l’œil nu. La nébuleuse s’étend autour d’un pulsar, une sorte d’étoile qui tourne sur elle-même à très grande vitesse.

This image is the largest image ever taken with Hubble's camera. It was assembled from 24 individual exposures taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and is the highest resolution image of the entire Crab Nebula ever made.

L’équipe de design de l’horloger Citizen et l’architecte Tsuyoshi Tane, basé à…

As part of Milan Design Week Citizen teamed up with Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane (DGT) to create "LIGHT is TIME," an immersive installation of watch base plates. The result is a shimmering space, golden and ethereal, delicate and glowing.

A l'occasion de la Milan Design Week 2016, Tsuyoshi Tane de l'agence parisienne…

time is TIME by Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT Architects, 2016 - for Citizen at Milan Design Week, metal fragments suspended on 8000 wires - ".focuses on the subtleties of the individual moment, and different ways that it can be perceived.

light origami vivid sydney-masakazu-shirane

Japanese artists masakazu shirane and saya miyazaki and new zealander reuben young have created ‘light origami’ as a domed structure made up more than 320 geometric shapes.