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A girl blowing a handful of colorful shiny glitter at the camera

sparkle- blowing glitter and confetti towards the camera.good idea for New Year's Eve

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As seen on Weddings by the Breakers, with this photo courtesy of Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography, join together for a champagne toast! 21 photo ideas of the bridal party

This spring engagement in the woods is an absolute fairy tale | Photo by Cornelia Lietz via

If you love fairy tales as much as we do, you'll love Laura and Jan's springtime engagement in the woods by Cornelia Lietz Photography. Wedding Photographer S - Forehead kiss. Sweet/Tender. Show's a softer side.

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Rosie Hardy: Advice to the Bride & Groom: Getting the Best Wedding Photos

I read this advice (see link) and will try to do it! Rosie Hardy: Advice to the Bride & Groom: Getting the Best Wedding Photos. If you care about the end result of your wedding, you'll listen to every single one of these tips

what a gorgeous shot!

Love the angle.shooting down right above the bride going down the stairs. What a gorgeous shot!

Dit gaat om de pose

soft candid moments for couples photography portrait with neutral cool colors - relaxed posed with photojournalism engagement photo style