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Symbole de beauté, force, et grâce

Lotus Blossom is a symbol of beauty, strength, and grace. The strong stem's connection to the flower represents an eternal, unbreakable bond between two people. Lotus flower means "overcoming all difficulties"


Kurdskye (kurdish) lady in the national clothing & jewelry - this is actually not a Kurdish woman at all - her name is Jenn & she is a tribal bellydancer living in CA. It is still a beautiful picture though.

Fleuve blanc aux pays des noirs, fleuve noir aux pays des blancs, Hampaté Bah (qui était peulh) Niger Gambia Les peulhs c'est plus de 20 millions d'individus, on les trouvent dans touts les pays de l'Afrique de l'ouest, et partout en Afrique. Leur langue...

Portrait of a Wodaabe woman in Niger, Africa. Her face combines both permanent tattoos and face painting elements. "African Body Painting, Tattoos and Scarification" by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, 2012

inspirationfeed:      Women in from the Chin region in Myanmar used to tattoo their faces so they wouldn’t be abducted and forced into marriage.

Tattooing the faces of young women is a tradition in Myanmar. Beautiful girls from villages in the Chin state had their faces tattooed in order to taint their beauty and stop men from other tribes and kingdoms from taking them away and forcing them.