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Fantastic Planet - poster by Sam Smith

Fantastic Planet - La planète sauvage 1973 René Laloux - a strange little film, I may have been stoned when I saw it (probably was because I was a student hahah) so I can't really say what it was about

The War of the Worlds (1953) by Sanctus Paulus, via Flickr

Art Prints -Film prints - War Of The Worlds film prints: War Of The Worlds art print inspired by cinema poster art from the HG Wells sci-fi film. War Of The Worlds was released in War Of The Worlds film print, printed on 300 gsm art paper.

Poster Italiano de “Casablanca", 1942

Casablanca (United Artists, Italian Locandina X Nano Art. One of the most - Available at 2013 July 27 - 28 Movie Posters.

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