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Thunder Tronic

I love tactile tech and hate that everything is all touch screens now.

The place #2 on Behance

Danil Rusanov Russian artist Danil Rusanov imagines spectacular moments where stars have figuratively aligned. We are transported to far away worlds, where in pure cinematic form, the symphony hits the orchestral crescendo and we encounter alien.

Oscar DROEGE (1898 - 1982), Silhouettes, 1925, gravure s/bois

Oscar Droege 1898 - 1982 Oscar Droege was an exceptional woodblock artist and one of the best of the German woodblock practitioners. He was born and died in Hamburg, and is a quintessential German proponent of the woodblock, or the “farbholzschnitt”.

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Golf Ball, Wiffle Ball

“It transformed to human form for her to see.