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Les excellentes créations LEGO de Kosmas Santosa, aka KOS brick, un passionné qui utilise les célèbres petites briques pour créer des hommages à la pop cu

The LEGO creations by Kosmas Santosa, aka KOS brick, an enthusiast who uses the famous little bricks to create tributes to pop culture, from Iron Man to the

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The Ocean Restaurant, an Streamline Moderne restaurant in the spirit of Miami's South Beach neighborhood. LEGO Model by Andrew Tate / Snaillad.

Cup o' Java

Cup o' Java by Miro Dudas. I love the cup shaped kiosk, especially the steam - genius! The is great and the cobblestoned area is beautiful.

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I got this interesting idea of a fire station some time ago, and built this in two weeks, the fastest building I have done so far.