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Les adjectifs possessifs poster (image only) #francais #french

Les adjectifs possessifs

"a smile is cheaper than electricity, but gives much light"

"A smile costs less than electricity , but it gives as much light" Abbé Pierre

Do you know you can bend water? Static electricity: A fascinating and simple science experiment for kids

In this simple science experiment, you can use static electricity to bend water. Yes, you can bend water! Try this cool STEM activity for kids!

Les couleurs - macarons - fle - vocabulaire

Les couleurs – macarons

tonight we dance.

-Heute Nacht werden wir tanzen/tonight we're gonna dance/ce soir on va danser/ esta noche vamos a bailar-

Think * Share * Teach: Headbands With a Twist - could work for high school vocabulary review also

Think * Share * Teach: Headbands With a Twist - could also make into a vocabulary game similar to Heads Up, where the students have to give clues about the word and the other student has to guess the work based on their clues about the word.