Beurre de pomme

Beurre de pomme

Confiture de Noël

Confiture de Noël

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confiture de raisin et gingembre

Grape & Ginger Jam: 5 cups of grapes, 2 in. piece of fresh ginger, and 3 cups of white sugar (this seems a little too excessive, so i would replace the white sugar with a natural sugar sweetener like Stevia or Xylitol or maybe even honey).

confiture de kaki

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Gelée de champagne - Recettes de cuisine Ôdélices

Gelée de champagne

20 cl de champagne 5 cl d'eau 50 g de sucre 1 g d'agar-agar Gelée de champagne…

confiture de melon

Confiture de melon

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Confiture de prunes

2 cups organic plums, chopped and skin removed 1 cup organic sugar 1 tbsp organic lemon juice Description: Place plums in a pan and cook with the lemon juice