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#ContemporaryArt #sculpture #painting #africanhomage Among all forms of arts, painting is the one that was so drastically transformed by the African influence…
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What does not come from the sky, is given by mother earth.
The Soul of Earth
Praised be the rain - Sculpture - Artist Addé - Based on a Kuba inspired pattern, this sculpture carries the symbols of life and fertility. Sculpture Artist, Sculpture, Art Blog, Rain Art, Life Symbol
Praised be the Rain
Iwas are  sorts of guardian angels, they seem to inspire a certain wisdom to their human followers. Some are more powerful than others, each will be chosen carefully. African, Contemporary Art Gallery
a hand that is holding something in it's right hand with the other hand extended out
a sculpture made out of rocks with red and blue hair on top of it's head
The Bleeding Stone
sculpture Wind Sculptures, African Inspired, Sculpture Art, Art Inspiration, Celebrities
Celebrating the Wind
Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Celebrating the Wind – artist addé
sculpture African Art, Occidental, Contemporary Sculpture
Pride of the Pende
A tribute to the Pende people and their colourful arts – Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Polychromy – Artist Addé.
sculpture African Arts, Contemporary African Art, Colorful Art
Pride of the Pende
Sculpture – Polychromy – artist Addé – Pride of the Pende #contemporaryart
a small green plant sitting on top of a purple rock next to a black background
The tree of knowledge
Sculpture, contemporaryart
Sculpture, contemporaryart Novelty Christmas, Holiday Decor
sculpture, contemporaryart Transformations, The Past
sculpture, contemporary art, morphogenesis Small Sculptures, Petite, Novelty Lamp
Wee Morphie
There is no such a thing as a small sculpture. Il n’existe pas de petite sculpture.
sculpture Storms, Sculptures
The Storm
Difference between sculpture and storms is sculptures don’t scare dogs. La différence entre la sculpture et les orages est que les sculptures n’effraient pas les chiens.
Sculpture Monument
Sadness of the clown
Is there any monument dedicated to clowns and laughter? Yes, and here it is.
two toothbrushes sticking out of a cup sitting on top of a blue rock
Reliquary I
A work of art, a sculpture, transmitted through generations, acquires the status of relics.
a rock with blue dots on it and a large piece of stone in the middle
Votive offering II
Votive offering II - Addé
a sculpture made out of wood and metal balls on top of it's head
Impression Timbuktu
Impression Timbuktu - Sculpture Addé. Notwithstanding his love for art, sculpture, and architecture, Timmy remains a cranky and stubborn character…
a purple and red object with polka dots on it
The Circus Dragon’s tooth
The Circus Dragon's tooth, sculpture by Addé.
a blue and yellow vase sitting on top of a polka dot cloth
A present from the past to the future
A present from the past to the future, sculpture by Addé.
a red vase sitting on top of a rock covered in polka dot fabric, against a black background
Morphogenesis IV
Morphogenesis four, sculpture, Addé
a white vase sitting on top of a red piece of cloth next to a black background
From stone to bone
From Stone to Bone, sculpture, Addé, African Homage
a blue and white polka dot tie sitting on top of a purple bag with yellow dots
Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi, sculpture, Addé, African Homage
there is a rock with a hole in the middle and polka dots on it's surface
Votive offering
Votive offering, sculpture, Addé, African Homage
a rock with polka dots on it and a wooden stick sticking out of the top
tristesse, sculpture, Addé, african hommage
a blue and red vase with some white stuff on it's head in front of a black background
Tenderness, sculpture, Addé, African Homage
an odd looking object sitting on top of a black surface with polka dots and blue flowers
Morphogenesis III
Morphogenesis III, sculpture, Addé, african homage
a piece of rock that looks like an animal's head
Long Time Gone
Long Time Gone, sculpture, Addé, african homage
a stuffed animal is sitting on top of a rock and has a toy in it's mouth
Danse Fambeaux
Danse Fambeaux, Addé, sculpture, african homage
an oyster shell on a rock in the dark, with its shell partially covered by it's inner shell
Ancient Ritual
Ancient Ritual, Addé, sculpture, african homage