Sauté de veau de Lisbonne

Sauté de veau de Lisbonne

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Wedding feast. Senegal

This is a wedding feast in Senegal with all of the traditional foods. Weddings are a time where the communities get together and celebrate not inly the wedding, but the traditions that make it such a strong culture.

Spice my life... Les acras (ou accras), également appelés marinades aux Antilles, sont des beignets antillais épicés qui se dégustent en entrée ou à l'apéritif, souvent  accompagnés d'un ti'punch. ...

Spice my life. Acras (or fritters), also called the Antilles pickles are spicy Caribbean that are eaten as a starter or as an aperitif, often accompanied by a ti'punch

Sosu Kaani (Senegalese Habanero Chile Sauce)

Sosu Kaani (Habanero Chile Sauce)

This spicy, cooked chile–and–tomato sauce is used to add a kick to virtually every dish in Senegal, especially accara and other fried street snacks. To make it spicier, simply add more habanero chiles or a pinch of cayenne. See the recipe

Nems - Façon Senegalaise - rice paper fried rolls - Senegalese style

Recette filmée Avamag: Nems façon sénégalaise

DIBI;  Charcoal grilled meat (lamb or goat) with onions.  Meet lovers cannot come without going to a #dibiterie and discover this unique taste! #SenegaleseTaste.

Cameroon Food: Soya - this is the best. Never visit Cameroon without having some of these. Here are a few pictures of some of our delicacies. As you can see, Cameroon food varies from place to place. And yes, you will find millions of delicacies

Caldou, a delicious Senegalese stew

We are honored to bring you this recipe by Pierre Thiam Restaurateur and Senegalese native. He is the Author of the cookbook YOLELE: Recipes from the heart