(FINE MOTOR/ HAND EYE COORDINATION) Vie pratique : Utiliser des pinces à linge (Nathaliell)

Create your own mini washing line to develop pincer grip and finger/hand strength - placing pegs on washing line to hang clothes.

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collect a variety of different [small]containers, separate bottle/ box etc from lid. add more items and make them more similar for older kids. nb unscrewing is really challenging

reproduire une figure avec des bâtonnets

Good use for ice cream sticks in the classroom!

Graphisme et élastiques

Saw these style boards on Oriental Trading for use as geometry boards. Wondered a diy hack. Use glue on bottom circle of thumbtack to secure it from being plucked out by little fingers. Sowdering About in Seattle: Toddler Busy Boxes

how to use the montessori alphabet box - Wildflower Ramblings #preschool

how to use the montessori alphabet box

how to use the montessori alphabet box - Wildflower Ramblings boite pour chaque lettre de l'alphabet

Numbers in Order Cups and Number Mats

Numbers in Order Cups and Number Mats. Hide letters under cups.roll dice, kid that gets all the letters of his/her name wins. Roll dice and form your phone number.

Recurso elaborado para trabajar la percepción visual, concentración y atención sostenida. … Leer más

Recreate the stick pattern

Área: Memoria visual Objetivo: Que el niño sea capaz recordar y reproducir un modelo Estrategia: Táctil Actividad: El terapeuta muestra al niño un modelo con colores por unos minutos, luego se le retira y el niño deberá reproducirlo Material: Hoja de estímulo, bolitas de colores Tiempo: 15 min

Colorful pattern practice with dots


organisation spatiale - shapes - math - logic - topologie Or we can make a bingo for a bigger kids.

letter recognition and fine motor all in one

Idea: build sight words with scrabble tiles LINK: Rockabye Butterfly: BOB Books- SamPrintables and extension activities for BOB books (one great idea: use bananagrams game to build words)

Мелкая моторика,цвета

Bead Stacking by pattern

Bac à sable. Atelier# montesorri#. Avec des petites perles# pour former des cercles, des contours, des parcours...

drawing in sand tray

Coucou, Tracer des chiffres Un exercice de tracer pour les petites sections de maternelles trouvé sur le site fiche-maternelle.com . Réglettes que vous pouvez imprimer et le plastifier !

how to write numbers dry erase

Bonjour!! Une petite activité Petite section de maternelle, qui consiste à reproduire une forme dans le sable. Les cartes de Nomenclature sur les formes sont imprimable ici : http://data.over-blog-kiwi.com/0/95/32/42/20150324/ob_05ca0b_formes-pour-les-traces.pdf...

That's a smart idea for a salt or sand tray

Fine motor skills

Super simple fine motor activity using buttons (or pebbles) on pattern lines Mehr


Math - fine motor geoboard with pasta