Pen + Spoon : Et on n'oublie plus ses couverts à la maison !

10 Eco-Friendly Accessories for a Greener Office [PICS]

Fork, Knife, and Spoon pen caps--this would be really funny to make for a volunteer gift

Rag Chair - Droog Design - recycler - transformer - assemblage de vieux vêtement pour former un fauteuil

Vêtements recyclés

Designed by Tejo Remy * Droog (droog is a Dutch word meaning "dry") is a conceptual Dutch design company situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Flashback Design 236

Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall: This Portuguese chestnut and iron bench seems to have a mind of its own. Trying not to fit in but to create its own world of escapades, Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall.

A l'occasion de sa première exposition solo à Singapour, intitulée Inner Child…

Inner Child – Les nouvelles créations en céramique de Johnson Tsang

Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Melting Chair - Charlotte Kingsnorth’s chair cushions are made to look like they are melting. She assembled the upholstered foam around vintage frames as if .

bec verseur amovible !!!!

Bec verseur amovible »

Get a better handle on pouring from pots and bowls with this silicone spout. Simply slip on the spout to any thin-lipped pot, mixing bowl, pan or jar. Now you will be able to more accurately pour wet or dry ingredients where you want them.

By Frank van den Ham. Untitled Vessel. fused, kilnformed glass 8 1/2" x 13" diameter $2,700

morgan contemporary glass gallery - Images for Frank van den Ham - Untitled Vessel

Ce projet baptisé « Handle with Care » imaginé et réalisé par le studio de design Yuval Tal, fait de plus en plus parler de lui, depuis sa première exposition au Cooper Hewitt Museum en 2006.  En effet ces « prothèses » au design industriel mettent en évidence la possibilité de recyclage de nos objets du quotidien, une deuxième vie et un nouveau design sont offerts à ces tasses qui ont subit le temps. Un projet plus revendicatif qu’esthétique.

Handle with Care par Yuval Tal

Rocking Chair for him and her. Cute for couples and I love how you look into each others eyes from the way the chair is made.

Rocking Chair pour deux personnes par Markus Krauss

Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss Can Hold More Than One. Want this on my porch.right after I get a house with a porch!

Aylin KAYSER & Christain METZNER, Wachslampe, 2009. Lampe avec abat jour en cire.  dégradation, affadissement, déclin, modifier de maniere négative.

Wachslamp, Aylin Kayser et Christian Metzner, Lampe en cire.

Tehila Guy

Design Crowd - Hair Bomb

stealmag: “tehila guy inflates anda armchair at bezalel academy of art and design the work redefines flat-packed furniture by combining an air-filled body with a wooden construction system.

ENTERPIECE - STUDIO DANIEL HULSBERGEN ♦ Combinaison de fragments de vases Delfts Blue vases avec des broderies en osier faites main.

Daniel Hulsbergen – Centerpiece // Centerpiece is series of sculptural vases with a combination of two traditional Dutch crafts. A combination of fragmented Delfts Blue vases with beautifully hand crafted wicker braiding // 2011

Ombre et lumière, Kumi Yamashita -

By using simple objects and to lighting, Kumi Yamashita creates an incredible “shadow pictures”. Kumi Yamashita was born in Japan.