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Keeping the baking staples in glass jars.Glasbottels op 'n ry soos in my ma se kombuis. rose Tydskrif Price Home

20 garde-manger de rêve | La vie LC

20 garde-manger de rêve

{the vintage wren} LOVE the simple shelving in this pantry. the glass jars and baskets really make it. & I have already a large collection of jar & a growing collection of wicker baskets

Cinq Fourchettes etc.: 19 idées de rangement pour la cuisine!

Customized kitchen cabinets are an essential part of modern kitchen design and good storage organization

Zero-Waste Kitchen idea -- using these Le Parfait jars -- so pretty and organized!

Storing your food in glass jars gives an earthy feel to your kitchen storage giving you a sense of nourishment. Using the same kind of jars creates order.

En bocal de conservation

Mason Jar : 10 manières de le détourner dans la décoration

There are several ways you can organize your home with simple mason jars and in this post I will share 17 DIY mason jar ideas that will make life easier.

Rangement garde manger

dollar store pantry makeover found on Dollar Store MOM! I'm the dollar store organization queen. Would you like to see my pantry?