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an orange, pink and blue striped circle on a beige background
ISO50 / Tycho Shop
Awake Album Poster "Sun" (Lithograph) – ISO50 / Tycho Shop
an image of a man standing on top of a mountain with the words monument valley above him
Monument Valley (2014) - Jeu vidéo - SensCritique
Monument Valley (2014) - Jeu vidéo - SensCritique
a plate with green leaves on it sitting in front of a white couch and window
PIERRE FREY Campagnes publicitaires - Agence Simone / Stratégie & Image de marque
PIERRE FREY Campagnes publicitaires - Agence Simone
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a collage of faces
MilK Box septembre 2014 - Milk Magazine
#DADABOX #milkmagazine UN PARFUM QUI FAIT TOURNER LA TETE Source : http://designspiration.net/image/3322760658213/
an image of the ocean and beach taken from under a cloudy sky with some rocks in the foreground
a woman with her hair in the wind holding up a piece of paper over her head
A nos enfants - le blog des bonnes ondes
this reminds me of the Motion theater poster, with the photograph with the lines added.. The lines added help to add something different to this girl and makes you wonder what the lines could be representing.
a woman's face is shown with three different lines in the middle of it
an umbrella is sticking out of the side of a building with vertical lines on it
Blanc Pâle
black & white
an image of a mountain with trees and mountains in the background that has been altered to look like a triangle
Camping Zen
an advertisement with flowers on the side of it
Modernist Swiss Style Posters by Quim Marin
quim-marin-modernist-music-posters-4 www.lab333.com www.facebook.com/pages/LAB-STYLE/585086788169863 http://www.lab333style.com https://instagram.com/lab_333 http://lablikes.tumblr.com www.pinterest.com/labstyle
an image of the ocean with clouds reflected in it