Millefeuille de tomates mozarella basilic - recette facile - La cuisine de Nathalie

Millefeuilles tomates mozarella basilic - make when the garden tomatoes ripen!

OEUF COCOTTE JAMBON-COMTE - Les délices d'Hélène


I had these in NYC for breakfast and def want to learn how to make them, they are delicious

Une grosse tomate, des rondelles de mozzarella, un trait de pesto et quelques pignons !

Sweet Basil Vinaigrette - The most delicious dressing with vibrant basil flavor. If this dressing could talk, it would be shouting, "summer!


Summer Potluck Recipes - Genius Kitchen

Nems au cantal et au lard

Nems au cantal et au lard

Bricks, Lard, Diners, Finger Foods, Croque Monsieur, Samosas, Empanadas, Le Fondant, Beurre Fondu

Profiteroles (choux) au thon mimosa, Photo 2

Profiteroles (choux) au thon mimosa

Pinterest cuisine : salade en bocal

Salad in a Jar My note: This is a great idea and any type of salad combination will do. The dressing goes in first. Turn it over and let the dressing cover the salad.then open and eat. This idea can be used for work, schools.and even a picnic.

Oeuf cocotte à l oseille, sauce camembert

Oeuf cocotte à l oseille, sauce camembert

Salade aux deux radis

Salade aux deux radis

Sveža in zdrava solata z vonjem po pomladi!