Seigaiha (wave design)

"the unexpected symmetry between sea and land: wave and mountain," TameLadySA Kate's Paperie : Shop : Handmade Hana Yuzen Paper, Ocean Waves : 0017433 : 5 x

Ceramic plate with a black colored glazing that looks like water drops, designed by Lotte de Raadt. Colored Drops is a design research from studio Lotte de Raa

Homes in Colour

{ Today I ♥ } couleur de l'été ! // #summer

{ Today I ♥ } Indigo…la couleur de l’été !

Elephant Ceramics, handmade by Michele Michael, beautiful colors

Archiving Water – Colored Drops — Lotte de Raadt

Archiving Water – Colored Drops — Lotte de Raadt Isn't this just the most beautiful set of textured neutral tone plates? I can't get over how gorgeous the water droplet pattern is. Or how lovely the raised edges are.

Six assiettes aux lignes d’écoliers, dorées et bleutées pour un jeu de croisements quadrillages rappelant nos cahiers d’enfants.

MIX AND MATCH les assiettes par Leslie David


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom