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It's us...the Picsees and this is our home page!

This is a drawing we made of our friend Root. He's a wee burrow elf and he lives under the cobblestones just outside our house. Like Root, most burrow e. THE BURROW ELVES and THE CRAWLIES.

You are so lucky to see this picture of a midnight cause they are very shy! They are also very magical, every night thousands of them come out and then, while making a very quite sound, they slowly move their hands around and make little drops of water from nothing but the midnight air and carefully put them on all the little plants that lives outside so they don’t get thirsty in the middle of the night...and dont worry, they also put a few extra drops for the bugs ~:D

You are so lucky to see this art picture cause it’s a picture of a real midnight sprite! They are very very difficult to find, almost impossible. We saw a Midnight Sprite!