True black and white. defined lines, foreground and distance, a story unfolds... Henri Cartier-Bresson - Makes your eye move around the picture.

Henri Cartier-Bresson - “Aquila Degli Abruzzi”, Italy, 1951 - absolutely love his timing and eye for composition

Truogoli S.Brigida - Genoa - Italy

Truogoli S.Brigida - Genoa - Italy - Italy has to be the laundry drying on the line capital of the world - I took maybe 15 pictures of laundry in Venice

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Paste-up. Acrylic & Oils on paper NAPLES, Piazza Bellini Žilda a Napoli

Provence toujours

Blue window and window flower box! Must be in France, there's lace at the window! Also love the blue painted window and the sweet little arch across the top to match the beautiful blue wood shutters!


Jeudi J'aime: des natures mortes contemporaines, Flavie Lechat et des détails qui font toute la différence

Venice, Italy looks to be the loveliest place. Doors and windows everywhere. It is just so whimsical. I hope that I get the chance to visit. Next January, when I plan to take ECON in Italy, I want Venice to be a city I see.