Print your finger, photocopy it and blow it up.  Write your life history on the lines.

First, let every student make a fingerprint onto white paper. Next, blow up their fingerprints using the photocopier or larger). Then, Have your kids write words and phrases about themselves along the lines and whorls of their fingerprints :) Cool idea


This is categorized as a "clever tatoo" but I would also categorize it as humorous tattoo art. Tattoos like this show the committment of the individual to keeping humor at the forefront in their life. This tattoo is hilarious to me.

12 Images To Make You Never Complain About Your Job Again

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I miss our Doberman, Ruger. What a great dog he was! Left this in for the person that pinned it originally - My bit is just to let you know that EVERY Doberman I ever met was a cuddly bundle of niceness -remember- NO bad dogs, just bad OWNERS XX


Je ne suis pas pour ou contre quoi qu'ce soit, mais j'aime me promener dans la rue avec une pancarte / I'm not for or against anything, but I enjoy to take a walk in the street with a placard:

lmao.  but on the original note, does she have a tatoo on her ass or is it an obnoxious pantyline??

It was worth it

hahahahaha awesome

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finger art

finger drawing is one of the most popular drawing art which shows creativity of an artist. Drawing lines on fingers is quiet easy but the Idea behind it really needs an intelligent mind

I've seen this one done with the baby feet inside a heart shape of the mom/dads hands. But this idea is kinda neat too, with everyone's hands.