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Today, AIBC took to the stage for some fascinating discussions.🤓
From blockchain technology to cryptos and artificial intelligence, the topics were diverse and exciting. #AIBC #EmergingTech #Crypto #AIBC2024
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A comprehensive discussion on legal practices for the tech and finance sectors in LATAM🌐
🎙️ Speakers: •Heitor Miguel, Managing Partner at PMZ Capital •Jaguar-Adva Gal, CEO of Jaguar Reg&Comp •Walter from Accenture They shared their insights on navigating the intricate regulatory frameworks governing cryptocurrency, AI, BAAS, and open finance in the region. They also delved into the latest updates from Brazil's authorities and highlighted global best practices to foster digital innovation. #AIBC #AIBCAmericas #LATAM #LegalPractices #Technology #Finance #Crypto #AI
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🔺Unveiling the best Web3 tools for Gaming, Marketing & Community Building🔺
A huge thank you to the brightest minds who are leading the way in the Web3 world for joining us in an exclusive discussion. Here are our speakers👇 🎙️ Gabriel Boni, Founder of Dsourc3 🎙️ Vinícius Moraes De Carvalho, Investment Partner at Ikigai Ventures 🎙️ Ney Neto, Head Latin America at Upland #AIBC #AIBCAmericas #Web3Gaming #Web3Tools #Web3CommunityBuilding #Web3Innovation
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Keynote on AI & Crypto: Global/LATAM Practices for Regulation, Taxation, Incorporation and Licensing
Thanks to Jaguar-Adva Gal, CEO of Jaguar Reg&Comp, for your engaging discussion on 'AI & Crypto: Global/LATAM Practices for Regulation, Taxation, Incorporation and Licensing'. #AIBC #AIBCAmericas #AI #Crypto #Regulation #Taxation #Licensing #Incorporation #Conference
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During Cal Evans' keynote speech on "Crypto and Gaming: Risk vs Reward,"
Evans, as a seasoned digital assets lawyer, provided insights into the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies within gaming platforms, addressing both the opportunities and challenges they present.🌐 The discussion covered topics such as security measures, regulatory considerations, and the transformative potential of blockchain technology in enhancing transparency and trust. #AIBC #Americas #Crypto #Cryptocurrencies #Gaming
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Embark on a journey through the intricate nexus of technology and finance with Fabricio Tota
🎤In Fabricio Tota, Senior Vice President of New Business Development at Mercado Bitcoin keynote address, 'Technological Innovation And Finance: Transformation Of RWA,' Tota unravels the profound impact of risk-weighted assets, shedding light on their transformative potential in reshaping the financial landscape.
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👏Hats off to our experts for an exploration of the Future of Money and Crypto Adoption in LATAM
With Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico emerging as key players in crypto adoption, the panel dissected the implications of the "green zone" market on decentralized finance in the region. 👤Speakers: • Guilherme Giserman, Head of Crypto Trading, Itaú BBA • Matheus Moura, Co-Founder & CEO, BRLA Digital • Antonio Neto, CEO, Vega • Fabricio Tota, New Business Development SVP, Mercado Bitcoin
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🎤 We were Honored to host Kenneth Corrêa, Head of Strategy at 80 20 Marketing, on stage
His keynote, 'An AI Real Story: Free AI tools and Legislation', shared real-life anecdotes of AI's impact and explored its transformative power in shaping legislation and everyday experiences. 👾 Big Thanks to him for captivating the audience with your stories.🙌 #AIBC #AIBCAmericas #AI #Tech #Innovation #KeynoteSpeaker #AIStories
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Tony Ventura commands the stage, unraveling the power of AI in our lives and businesses🤖
World-renowned "tech hunter" Tony Ventura showcased the latest AI apps and tools that can be instantly used to scale business infrastructure, or simply improve our daily routines. Big thanks to him for illuminating us with the transformative power of AI! 🙌 #AIBC #Americas #AIRevolution #AITools #TechInnovation #AIforBusiness #AIforLife
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The Harmony Between Operators and Payment Providers in the International Market🤝
The panel emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving success in the international market. Key points include the benefits of collaboration, the role of technology, the impact of regulatory changes, and the value of trust and effective communication in enduring partnerships. Major kudos to our speakers for providing valuable insights for businesses looking to leverage these opportunities for success. 👏 #AIBC #payment #tech #partnership #market
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What's the topic of discussion? 🧐 Bitcoin Halving? Blockchain?
Always fascinating to engage with you, especially as we kick off the first night of SiGMA Americas. 👀 #AIBC #Americas #Networking #Cheers
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Things are about to get HOT in Brazil!🔥
Wow 🤩, we're speechless about how many of you showed up for Pre-registration today! Let's keep this awesome energy rolling at the Meeting Room in Hilton Morumbi But hold onto your hats, because tomorrow is when the real magic happens at the expo! #AIBCAmericas #AIBC2024 #preregistration #event #queue
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Reflecting on the incredible journey of our Hiking Tour to Jaraguá Peak🏔️