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🌟 What a fantastic evening of Auctions we had! 🌟
⚡The atmosphere at Casino Maltese was simply electrifying as we came together for a memorable night of bidding, excitement, and philanthropy. All of the proceeds from this spectacular event were dedicated to the SiGMA Foundation, an organization with a mission to make a positive impact.😊 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees and contributors for making this event a success, with a special thank you to MDIA for their courtesy in making this event come to life! 🙌
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🍽️ AIBC Networking Dinner & Rewards Ceremony.🏆
💫 The vibe at Casino Maltese was electric – an evening of fine dining, celebration, and meaningful connections. With the courtesy of Malta Digital Innovation Authority, this evening saw the celebration and rewards of outstanding achievements in the Emerging Tech industry. 🙌 #AIBC #NetworkingDinner #MDIA #CasinoMaltese #Valletta #Dinner #Reward #Ceremony
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🌟 What an incredible night of Networking Drinks!🍷
🏰 The setting at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta added a touch of elegance and grandeur to our Networking Drinks. #AIBC #AIBCmalta #Networking #BusinessConnections #GrandHotelExcelsior #Malta
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The final day of the Exhibition at MMH is upon us, and it's been an unforgettable journey! 🤩
🚶Walking into the venue, you could feel the buzz of excitement. The sleek, design of MMH provided the perfect backdrop for this cutting-edge industry event. 🔝 Share your experiences and highlights from this memorable final day! 💭 #AIBC #AIBCeurope #Atmosphere #Networking #Exhibition #Tech #AI
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Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues in a time when everything is being digitised. 📲
Kenneth Brincat, CEO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), took to the AIBC stage to present the key points for ensuring the success of this transformation imposed by digitalisation. ✅ A fascinating and foreseeing keynote. 👍 #Cybersecurity #DigitalInnovation #AIBCMalta #MDIA
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🔓 Unlocking the World of NFTs with Zack Ritchie.
🧔‍Zack Ritchie, Co-Founder of NFT Club, delved deep into the captivating realm of NFT Utility during the discussion on "NFT UTILITY: Fresh Ideas and Existing Use-Cases." From innovative concepts to real-world applications, Zack Ritchie illuminated the path forward, pushing the boundaries of NFT possibilities.💎 The NFT revolution is in full swing. Stay tuned for more exciting insights! 🔥 #NFT #NFTUtility #InnovationUnleashed #AIBC #AIBCmalta #discussion
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Beyond Limits: Blockchain, Sustainability, and Fintech Pioneering a Sustainable Tomorrow
🌟 Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with Nameer Khan, the visionary Co-Founder & Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association (MFTA). 🌟 👨‍🦱 Nameer's insights left us inspired by the topic "Beyond Limits: Blockchain, Sustainability, and Fintech Pioneering a Sustainable Tomorrow." Stay tuned for more interesting discussions and let's keep pushing the boundaries of innovation together!🤩 #AIBC #FintechInnovation #MENA #Sustainability #Fintech #innovation #Blockchain #MFTA
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A Visionary Perspective on Blockchain and UN Charter Values
🎤 Laura Kajtazi, Project and Regulatory Affairs Manager at IOTA Foundation, took center stage to share insight on "Promoting Circular Economy Through Blockchainbased Digital Product Passports" #Blockchain #UN #IOTAFoundation #AIBC #ShapingTheFuture
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Throwback to the epic AIBC Official Party 🎉
It was a legendary night of celebration and connection. DJs Hozho and Savage & She provided the beats that kept the dance floor alive. 🕺🪩 We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us, bringing their energy and dancefloor action to make this night legendary. 🙌🥳 💥Courtesy of Alpha Affiliates.💥 #AIBC #Party #AlphaAffiliates #GianpulaMainRoom #DJs #UnforgettableNights #Hozho #SavageandShe
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Pre-Party Reception - Hosted at The Xara Lodge, Mdina! 🇲🇹
The Xara Lodge is a true hidden gem on the Maltese Islands, and it became the heart of our exclusive VIP reception.✨ Our heartfelt thanks to all our esteemed guests who joined us for this special night. Special thanks to Bazoom Group - World’s Biggest Link Building Platform and Intercash for their support. 💥 #AIBCEuropeVIPReception #TheXaraLodge #MdinaVenue #UnforgettableEvening #FutureofInnovation
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🔺 DAY 2 at the AIBC Europe 2023 Summit!
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A wave of innovation washed over MMH! 🌊
This afternoon, the AIBC Start-Up Pitch took place on stage, a highlight where entrepreneurs present their concepts to the judges. 🧐 An opportunity to showcase their business and build the future of industry together.🔺 And in the end, SharkGate came out on top. Well-deserved congratulations, we can't wait to see what happens next. 👏 #AIBC #AIBCMalta #StartUp #Innovation #EmergingTech #Crypto #Fintech
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Learn about Investing in Emerging Markets with Jarek Bialek, CEO of Revenue Capital💡
During this panel, we explored the unique opportunities and challenges that arise when investing in emerging markets. Jarek's extensive expertise provided us with invaluable insights, helping us navigate various complexities that one might encounter. 💥 #AIBC #investment #EmergingMarket #navigate #conferences #knowledges
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Fireside Chat with Matt Hookings
Artificial intelligence has also entered the creative world and is transforming the way people work especially those in the Film, TV, and cinema industries🎥 Matt Hookings, Actor, producer and Founder of Camelot Films, talked about the impact of AI on the industry during a fireside chat with Olga Yaroshevsky! 🔥 #AI #Cinema #EmergingTech #Industries #FiresideChat #AIBC #AIBCmalta
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💎 Life is easy when you know the right steps! 💎
During the panel discussion on 'How to Guarantee Success in Money, Business, and Entrepreneurship,' Andre K. Fluellen, Co-Founder of Beyond The Game Network, shared the keys to unlocking your full potential in the realms of finance, business, and entrepreneurship. 🔥 #AIBC #Entrepreneurship #conferences #keynote #SuccessStrategies #SuccessStrategies