rangement pour les pots de fleurs en parpaings creux peints rouge

Parpaing creux - comment en faire des meubles fonctionnels?

Build your own garden bench. All you need is a couple of tree stumps, a long piece of wood, and a saw to slit the stumps where the wood will fit into them.

15 DIY Wood Log Ideas for your Garden Decor

For the fire pit 27 Extremely Useful and Creative DIY Furniture Projects That Will Discreetly Transform Your Decor

Bank mit Bäumchen

Garden benches provide a cozy corner for us to relax and even take a nap. Spring is here, so if you don& have a spot where you can sit and talk with your partner, family

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Turn your old planters into a bird feeder - clay pots - terra cotta pots - outdoor DIY - animal lovers crafts

Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA More

10 Gorgeous Tree Art Installations

Birdhouse artwork called "Control Tower" by artist Cameron Hockenson. Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA 2011

Les oppositions de formes (Rectangles/ronds) ou de types de végétaux (graminés/buis boules) rythme l'espace et donne du relief au jardin.

Opposition of shapes with dark grey cement privacy wall + shrubs (rectangles / circles) or types of plants (grasses / boxwood balls) garden by Jean Charles Chiron