3 ingredient Chia Pudding 1 (13.5oz) can coconut milk* 1/4 cup chia seeds 1 tbsp. honey 1 tsp. vanilla (optional)

3 ingredient Chia Pudding (Say Yes)

3 ingredient Chia Pudding - Say Yes to HobokenThree Ingredient Chia Seed Pudding fills 2 small mason jars 1 can coconut milk* cup chia seeds 1 tbsp. vanilla (optional) *You can also substitute it with almond milk and then mix in

crepe suzette cake

crepe suzette cake recipe (gluten-free) to try

Pêches pochées à la vanille. poached peaches with vanilla.

Baked and halved peaches in herb syrup . via "The Hunter And Gatherer: You're A Peach" // fresh summer desserts // healthy peach recipes // food photography // farm to table //

Riz au lait d’amande, Cardamome & Coco - Murmures

Riz au lait d'amande, cardamome & coco

Riz au lait d’amande, Cardamome & Coco - Murmures - gluten free spiced almond milk rice pudding

Poires au sirop d'érable

PEARS baked with maple syrup – Bea's cookbook food photography, food styling, learn food photography (Baking Desserts Healthy)

Cheats Cronuts with Orange-infused Custard and Lemon Glaze | Crush Magazine Recipe

Cheats cronuts (donuts / croissant) with orange-infused custard and lemon glaze Crush Magazine Issue 33

rhubarb, pomegranate and vanilla cobblers

Rhubarb, pomegranate and vanilla cobbler. Smith I got a new cookbook with 2 other rhubarb recipes in it, too! : Dutch babies with poached rhubarb and sticky-sweet rhubarb upside-down cake!

Orange Sugar Danish Pastries

Hummingbird on High: Orange Sugar Danish Pastries - I always thought making danish pastries was a long difficult process, but this recipe is easy! ~ great with coffee!

Dutch Baby Pancake fraises et chantilly !

Et si le Dutch Baby Pancake devenait définitivement mon sauveur d'affamés... Dutch Baby Pancake fraises et chantilly !


Jasmine White Wine Poached Pears

Jasmine Tea White Wine Poached Pears, via The Artful Desperado (Autumn Bake Photography)

Flourless Chocolate Blackberry Tortes - The Kitchen McCabe

Flourless Chocolate Blackberry Tortes

Flourless Chocolate Blackberry Tortes: gluten & refined sugar-free - everyone needs one dessert that they can whip up without a thought.

Ginger Honey Stewed Mandarins, Cream Cheese Yogurt, and Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

Chinese New Year Toast: Ginger Honey Stewed Mandarins, Cream Cheese Yogurt, & Toasted Black Sesame Seeds