Lucid Stead installation by Phillip K Smith III gives the illusion of invisibility to a desert cabin

Lucid Stead installation by Phillip K Smith III at a desert cabin

This is a transparent cabin built of wood and mirrors by Phillip K Smith. Part architectural intervention and part optical illusion, Lucid Stead is a recently unveiled installation by artist Phillip K Smith III in Joshua Tree, California.

The Abyss Table - Christopher Duffy - 2014

The Abyss Table – is an amazing nautical-themed coffee table that looks like ocean depths; I think this layered glass and wood table is a bit more work of art than it is a piece of furniture. Photos (c) Duffy London

Shapes of Citiess1s

Shapes of Cities Illustrations

Shapes of Cities. A series of graphic art prints by London-based artist and graphic designer Yoni Alter. Each print of the series features the shapes of a

Sky serie eric_cahan10

Sky Series

Eric Cahan // Sky Series // Fort Pond Bay, Montauk NY Sunset (now that's beauty)

Waterfall Paintings – Fubiz™

Waterfall Paintings

Majestic Waterfall Paintings Evoke Sense of Calm - My Modern Met

Print026A – Fubiz™

If you're a fan of retro cool style you're going to love the work of Gianmarco Magnani (aka Silence Television). This spanish illustrator has a knack for c

Waterfall Paintings5

Waterfall Paintings

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