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Valentine Colin

Valentine Colin
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cross-section of the structure of a sugarcane root. (Debora Leite)

Sugar Cane Root cross section Debora Leite University of São Paulo, Brazil. Entry into The annual Nikon Small World competition's theme was “Recognizing Excellence in Photography through the Microscope.” via inspiration green Brightfield


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Indian Corn

When a gene "jumps" to different positions within the corn kernel, a color gene is "turned on" or "turned off" depending on whether it lands next to a pigment gene or not. Barbara McClintock's discovery of these jumping genes earned her the Nobel Prize.

"Newly fertilized Fundulus heteroclitus (killifish) embryos (30x)"  Dr. Rachel Fink  Mount Holyoke College - South Hadley - Massachusetts, United States  Technique: Brightfield

Honourable Mention, 2008 Newly fertilised killifish embryos, Fundulus heteroclitus Taken by Rachel Fink, Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts using brightfield microscopy.