Discover the imaginary world of Alban... The old rusty pieces of metal are actually faked – they are built on wood and the erosion of time is painted on them.
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Space Girl pin up by Donald Rust

Space: the final frontier! These photos and illustrations celebrate plucky girl astronauts, alien queens, and badass space vixens of all kinds.

Lloyd Rognan - The Cosmic Destroyer, 1957 / The Science Fiction Gallery

atomic-flash: “ The Cosmic Destroyer - Illustration by Lloyd Rognan featured as the cover art for the September 1957 issue of pulp mag Imaginative Tales.

Heureux comme un astronaute dans sa cloche à fromage !

This Space Happy Coloring Book cover from 1953 is amazing. I can just hear Neil's ripping off a caption now, something along the lines of the space woman's kneeling position, the space man's pointing the upright rocket ship.


Space Rangers EVA Suit by Atomic Age Pictures. I love girl space suits for the same reason I love girl armor.