Romy Schneider finally a picture of her! Everyone in Germany said: ahhhhhhhhh yes.Romy like Romy Schneider

La fille du week-end Hanna Sorheim par Olivia Frolich

Romy Schneider - I've worked with the biggest tyrants: [Otto Preminger] Preminger, [Orson Welles] Welles, [Luchino Visconti] Visconti. Despots - they have contempt for most actors. When they meet someone who stands up to them, everything's great.

Romy Schneider // Film "Max et les ferrailleurs" de Claude Sautet -

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romy schneider

Fearless Female Friday: Romy Schneider One can remain eternally young if, each day, one grows rich by marvelous moments.

PHOTOS - Romy Schneider, icône de féminité et de beauté qui savait comment mettre en valeur ses yeux félins.

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Look at this beauty rocking those high waisted hot pants & checkered button up crop top! Actress Romy Schneider has been in films Sissi & The Things of Life.

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