escalier en spirale au musée du Vatican

Walk up/down the spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum, Italy."l love this staircase! It's so beautiful to walk down and makes lovely pictures taken from a higher section to a lower section.

Rome, Italie

Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy The spiral. I would not recommend going through the Vatican museum.

Piazza di Spagna, Roma

Piazza di Spagna, Roma, Italy Spanish Steps I would love to go back to Rome!

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Visiting Italy is on the top of my Bucket List! Rome, Italy - Explore Italy: Popular Places You Must Visit (part

Top 10 des choses gratuites à faire à Rome

Amazing art and architecture, ancient history, dramatic natural scenery and drool-worthy bites around every turn make Italy a hard-to-resist destination that keeps visitors coming back for more. (Shown here are the ruins of the Roman Forum.