Cocorrina branding

Black, White w/ touch of colour & gold - Another branding example. I like the cleanness that the color scheme brings. Everything is obviously well thought out--simple but effective and memorable. Good to think about for cohesiveness in publications.

Need to keep this in the front of my brain for herding with Castor. He knows how the sheep see him, I just keep forgetting.

Wolf Sheep: a collage poster by Sami Petman

According to Sami Petman's collage poster, finding a wolf in sheep's clothing is about a chance.

love this colour combination

Chicago Women’s Health Center Invite. Simple modern graphics and clean typography typography.

The Typofiles #111 by Nubby Twiglet, via Flickr

Nemo Design Rebrand Print Promo, nice colours which create a direct link to printing in duotone, logo has been thoughtfully created, with a row of them creating a DNA strand which links to the subject matter behind the brand.