I first saw this stream in a watercolor, and its winding down into a mysterious destination ticked my imagination.  What lies beyond? The variation in the water's color is also a test of observation & skill for the watercolorist. This is another view Napoleon missed, as he was imprisoned on nearby Elba.   Restonica Valley, Corsica – France

Beautiful Restonica Valley, Corsica - France

scandola, corsica.

Scandola is a nature trail through caves and rocks where you can discover wildlife in the sea as well as in the air - breathtakingly beautiful.

Corsica  Plaje Santa Giulia --Porto Vecchio

Pier at Santa Giulia, Porto Vecchio, Corsica Island, France ✯ ωнιмѕу ѕαη∂у

Saint-Florent, Corsica

Hotel La Roya, Saint-Florent, Corsica Terrific boutique-hotels with an excellent fine dining restaurant!

Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

We're going to reveal to you some of the most drool worthy destinations in Corsica you must go !

Plages de Palombaggia, Porto Vecchio, Corse! Can't believe I've actually been here :)

Learn more about Palombaggia Beach Corsica, one of the most visually spectacular beaches in Europe.

Corsica's Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches | TravelGeekery

Corsica's Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches

White sand beaches are plentiful on Corsica, but you need to know where to find them! Enjoy the beautiful white sand you came to Corsica for!

Saint Florent Corsica

The crystal clear waters of Stelida beach in Naxos. Amazing hues of beautiful blue water and white pristine sand.

Dit lijkt me zo bijzonder. Hier een zeilboot huren?!

La réserve de Scandola

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the idyllic places of Corsica.

Desert des Agriates, Corsica

The desert Agriate is a micro-region of Corsica, which contrary to the definition of "desert", is conducive to the cultivation of cereals and olive trees. Landscape of scrub, high temperatures, hot winds .

Heaven on earth... in France. Le Desert des Agriates, Corsica

A mile-long desert island dream of white sand and tropical turquoise water. Unless you’ve got a yacht, you have to walk across a desert to get here.

Rondinara, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France

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