vintage e moderno (linhas retas)

I love the logo's modern, geometric design, especially on the printed stationary.Pohl & Co Branding - Logo & Visual Identity by Verg (Matt Vergotis).

inspirations graphics illustration Maxim Shkret | Predators

Predators: Illustrations by Maxim Shkret. Striking digital portraits of wild animals by Russian designer Maxim Shkret.

La Musique Graphique

REFINED Exhibition - The theme for the 2011 Oklahoma State University design show graphics.

43 idées déco avec des planches de skateboard

43 idées déco avec des planches de skateboard

board stairs.... Are you kidding??? I will have those!

Top 50 des escaliers vraiment beaux et originaux

57 publicites creatives et designs de Juillet 2011

great visual ad: minimalist word-less, fuss-less, sophisticatedly simple, simply sophisticated ad á la Apple: Nike factory store (in Auburn) complete in renovation ;